Body Control


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Julie bloom

As a former dancer I have always enjoyed movement and music. I have been fortunate enough to pursue both of these by teaching as a fitness instructor.

Following the birth of my children I noticed significant changes in my posture and the need for ways to improve it – I found the answer in a different form of exercise - Pilates.

The more I explored Pilates, the more I began to understand my body, its structure, the way it moves, the things that can gradually go wrong with it and the process of bringing about positive change - through Pilates.

I decided to train and qualify as a Pilates instructor with the Body Control Association in London.

The more I teach Pilates the more my interest grows. Everyone’s body is different and everyone's approach to learning is different. Teaching Pilates is always interesting and endlessly challenging – it has become my way of life. I hope it can become yours too.