Client of 6 years to date with osteoporosis – Judy’s bone density scans have improved over the year’s thanks to Judy’s commitment to exercise

“I would like to continue with the Thursday class, please.

I shall be a life member.  Pilates is excellent for general well-being and increased flexibility. I know my spine and core have strengthened considerably, and I’m trying to be a little more disciplined during holiday periods. I use weights when walking, so hope the bone density is stable.”


Judy Quarrie-Roberts

I have been attending Julie’s Thursday morning class at Whittlesford for a few years now, Julie’s attitude to each and every class member is very thorough and reassuring, she varies her class each week which is always very enjoyable, it is very relaxed while always keeping us up to date with her latest moves which we all hopefully achieve each week! Thank you Julie.

Gill Udall

As a back injury sufferer, pilates has been an excellent strengthening exercise. Julie gives clear explanations of the various positions, with alternatives if necessary. She is absolutely first class – always approachable, friendly and with a super sense of humour. I feel privileged to have benefitted from her teaching

Michaela Rowland Hall

Some years ago my physio advised that I take up Pilates. I ignored the advice. Then six months ago, after another 6 weeks of treatment it was strongly suggested that, if I didn’t strengthen my core and stop relying on my back to take the strain, things would only get worse. This time I listened and, after a couple of excellent one-on-one sessions with Julie, I joined one of her weekly classes. It is without exaggeration that I can say that I’ve since been pain free and my back has been able to cope with all I ask of it. I wish I’d taken up Pilates years ago.

Jan Samols

Just thought you would like to know how much Pilates this morning has improved my back. I had a really sore mid to lower back yesterday and this morning, but I realised later when I was back home that it was so much better! So thankyou very much.


I have a very long history of lower back pain and weakness of one leg, requiring numerous operations and most recently mechanical spinal fusion.
Julie has been working with me regularly on a one to one basis at home for 4 years and we have developed a regime that has been specifically tailored to my needs with a refreshing variety of exercises. This has enabled me to increase my flexibility and remain mobile in spite of surgery.
Julie is knowledgeable, adaptable to my specific needs, and is caring and fun to work with.

Retired Consultant Physician

We have been in Julie’s Pilates courses since she started them. We like her engaged and professional approach to this very special method of exercise and training of muscle functions. She deeply understands and adjusts flexibly to particular potentials and needs. Her gentle but persistent help to develop individuals’ abilities to exercise is highly appreciated.

Ulrich and Elizabeth Desselberger

Since being diagnosed with hyper mobility, I have been advised to take Pilates to strengthen my core muscles. This I have done and find Julie’s classes both enjoyable and beneficial and frequent visits to the osteopath are now a thing of the past . I have also been able to run a half marathon, I have found that Pilates has given me the inner strength to run greater distances.

Sharon Brown

I have been an active participant in her Pilates classes for some years now, and I can honestly say that they are one of the high spots of my week. I look forward to them, and only regret that the hour seems to go remarkably quickly.
I joined Julie’s class as an Old Age Pensioner with compression fractures of three thoracic vertebrae, and am happy to report that thanks to her careful personal attention the pain is greatly reduced and my mobility hugely improved.
I shall never achieve the astonishing levels of flexibility of which Julie herself is capable, but I can whole-heartedly recommend her classes to anyone, regardless of age or impairment, who wants to loosen up a bit !

Roger May

Julie’s classes are excellent: she puts a lot of thought into each session and covers a variety of different exercises, often using small equipment. You come out of a class feeling both relaxed and stretched, a perfect combination! Thanks Julie, from a very satisfied student!

Sally Storr

And from a private client
“I was recommended to Julie by my Osteopath after injuring my lower back. He was worried that I was losing my core strength and would be prone to further skeletal problems.
The first session was a strange experience, as I realised I was also very uncoordinated, and the exercises were quite difficult for me to do correctly.
I persevered for three weeks, when I realised my posture had improved, and my awareness of my body had significantly changed for the better.
I am now a total to convert to Pilates after 6 months with Julie. She is very patient, and has assisted me greatly. I have improved balance and coordination, and my lower back is significantly better. Even the flappy wings at the top of my arms have gone.
I was always very accident prone, and I now understand why, and now am much more confident and flexible in my movements. I will continue incorporating pilates into my life as a key preventative exercise.”

J Ayre

I would definitely like a space for next year. I’ve really enjoyed your pilates classes, and my back is feeling much better thanks to it

K Raven

I have really enjoyed your classes, and have found them very helpful in strengthening my back for work. I especially like the fact each week is so different that my whole body is exercised and the sessions never become boring

C Anderson

I would thoroughly recommend anyone to come to Pilates Inspiration classes. The classes have improved my flexibility and core strength dramatically. They are excellent, enjoyable and I hope Julie doesn’t change them.

A Porritt

I wanted to thank you for this year’s lessons. I’m not a very active or sporty person, but I look forward to your pilates lessons every week. It’s very therapeutic and I can feel the benefits for my body. I tried pilates twice before this, with different teachers, but I was never as happy as this. Your lessons are very professional and you’re a great teacher.

G Everett

The reason you have a growing waiting list is because your classes are so good. You’re very professional and an excellent teacher. So thank you!

M Towers

am just starting my fifth year with you and in every class we do something different! Am constantly amazed by how you ring the changes.

J Wilson