Group Classes

Group Pilates Classes

Group classes are recommended for those who have no serious injuries, who like the social aspect of a class environment and who can commit to a scheduled time most weeks.

Classes are organised by ability level, from Beginner to Advanced. Classes change weekly adding small apparatus – balls, bands, circles, hand weights and foam rollers – to offer support and challenge.

If you are a new to Pilates, or you have an injury or condition that needs to be addressed before attending group classes, then you will need to book an introductory Private Lesson so that I can take you through beginner Pilates fundamentals and establish together with you the best path forward – private lessons, group lessons or a combination of both.

In all cases, it is usually easier if you get in touch either via email or by phone so that we can chat through your situation and find the best way forward for you. 

Age range

Clients range from 13 to 83 years old, men and women and client levels from the seriously injured to extremely fit!

Ability levels

Group classes are taught at various levels of abilities, as classified below:

  • Beginner’s Level 1
    Those completely new to Pilates. Designed to teach the Pilates ‘basics’ and provides the foundations for other courses.
  • Improver’s Level 2
    Designed for those with a sound understanding of the Pilates technique and who wish to refine their skills and broaden their exercise repertoire.
  • Intermediate Level 3
    Designed for those who have completed a beginners course, refined the ‘basics’ and have core stability. Exercises become progressively more challenging as we increase loading and add more complex co-ordination.
  • Intermediate Level 4
    Pilates for those who have completed intermediate courses and want to work with the more choreographed flowing sequences. More emphasis is placed on upper body strength and pushing away from the mat using more of the classical mat exercises.

What to bring/wear

All the necessary kit, mats etc. are provided. We exercise barefoot, wearing clothing that is non-restrictive and comfortable.

You will need to download and complete an enrolment form and a coronavirus declaration form prior to your first session, or failing that please request a copy.

Please Note: Unfortunately there can be no refunds for missed classes but a ‘catch-up’ may be attended at a different time within the same course term, subject to space being available.

Find out more

For more information please telephone Julie on 01763 208856
or email